The Cherry Kirin of a Forgotten Dreamland
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Rin looked around her portion of the shrine curiously, hearing a voice that seemed to come from nowhere. “Hello? Is anybody there?”

(*Runs right back into his corner and shuts up*)

Hey, we've got you cornered~

"What do you mean you have me cornered?" Rin blinked, completely perplexed by what the faceless being meant. “And what do you mean “we”? Is there more than one of you?”

I like this little corner of love~

Rin looked over at the faceless being, who seemed to be seated in a corner far at the opposite side of her living space.

"Uhm… You can stay there if you want, I guess. Just watch out for Reimu, though. I don’t think she’ll be too fond of a faceless one taking up residence on shrine grounds…"

Hey, Rin, tell us a bit about yourself. Where in the shrine to you live, exactly? Could you describe this little personal corner of yours?

"Well, there’s not very much to tell. I like music, and I spend a lot of my time dozing off… Oh! I also enjoy when people stop by the shrine to visit, even if they don’t always visit me. As for where I live, it’s on the shrine’s grounds, not too far from the main building. Reimu let me have it as my living space and I’ve been here since. It’s a really nice place to just sit and relax, and doze off listening to the music…"

How often do you leave shrine grounds?

"Uhm… Not very often, really. I very rarely even leave my room!"

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“I am her mother, yes….and what are you?” Blunt yes, but the girl was a youkai of some kind, and Ayame had little patience to spare.

Upon realizing who this was, Rin gulped loudly and, in an attempt to remain composed and calm, she replied. “I.. My name is Rin Satsuki, and I’m a Kirin. I happen to be friends with your daughter, Miss Hakurei.” 

“A kirin?” Kirin were supposedly very wise creatures, with healing powers, if she remembered right. “And a friend of my daughter’s? I wasn’t aware kirin were even present in Gensokyo.”

Rin nodded quickly and opened her mouth to speak. "Yep, a Kirin! And you’re right, we aren’t normally native to Gensokyo. Some of my ancestors came here long ago from the Outside World before the Hakurei Border was erected, and we’ve just lived here peacefully since."

Before Rin continued with the extensive history of the Kirin, she realized something odd… “Wait… If you really are Reimu’s mother, shouldn’t you be… you know, dead? All the stories I’ve heard of you said you died quite a while ago…”